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My great, great Grandfather was the brave immigrant, leaving home to travel to places unknown in search of a new life. Natale Bacigalupi was born in 1861 in a small town in the province of Genoa; Italy in the region Liguria called Cicanga. He came to the US in 1875 as a young boy and settled in San Francisco. Natale’s last name was originally Bacigalupo but changed it to the plural spelling (Bacigalupi) once in California.

For a short while he worked in the vegetable fields (I know–vegetable fields near SF?? who would have thought?). Soon enough he saved some money and bought a small fishing boat. Using the skills he learned in Cicagna as a fisherman he started fishing in the SF bay, selling his catches every morning to the fish market. After several years he made the trip north to Santa Rosa. Here, he did a variety of trades including running a shoe store, a coal yard and finally opening up the family market, following the earthquake of 1906.

4 generations of Baci familyHe named the store N. Bachigalupi, Groceries and Provisions at 4th and Davis St. Over a period of time he also purchased land in Sonoma County, mostly apple orchards and several acres of vineyards. Natale was also on the board of the first Bank of America branch in Sonoma County. Natale and his sister ran the store together until one of his sons Al and my great grandfather took it over at the ripe age of 17.

I am lucky enough to have a  fantastic generational photo of my father, his father, grandfather and great grandfather. Four generations of our family all together in one photo. Pretty amazing!


  1. Jenny Tonks
    March 3, 2009

    That’s a lucky name! The Italian expression “in boca al lupo” literally means “in the mouth of the wolf” but is how everyone says “good luck.” Comes from the old legend about the founding of Rome by the twins who were suckled by a wolf . . . so I imagine you can call yourselves born under a lucky name! 🙂

  2. Maria Bacigalupi
    August 19, 2010

    My grandfather left Genova around 1880 and traveled to Uruguay, South America.
    Maybe we are relatives??? I am living in Virginia since 1974.

    • Katey Bacigalupi
      August 19, 2010

      Hi Maria- thank you for visiting and reading about our family history. It is funny with a last name like Bacigalupi we would all be related in one way or another. I have never been to Virginia but if you ever make it out to California be sure to look us up!

  3. Adrinne Bacigalupi
    March 21, 2011

    My name is Adrienne and I am married to Emil Baciglaupi. Our son is one year old and we named him Natale Anthony Bacgalupi after Emils great great grandfather Natale.
    From your cousin Adrienne and Emil

    • Katey Bacigalupi
      March 24, 2011

      Thanks Adrienne and Emil,
      I often get asked if we are related to you and your family in Santa Rosa. Since Bacigalupi is such a unique name people must remeber it! Please come out to the tasting room, we are anticipating to be open sometime in April, we would love to meet in person and pour you some wine!

  4. Debbie Bacigalupi Mache
    October 2, 2014

    Hi Katey,
    My Great Grandfather was also Natale Bacigalupi, Ernest Anthony was my grandfather and Ernest Authur was my father. We are cousins.
    At the present time I am doing genealogy. I know Natale had three brothers, Louis 1854-1915, John 1855-1920and Angelo??. I see in your blog, they had a sister, do you know her name, birth or death dates? Did they have any other sisters? I know Giovanni 1821-1890 was his father, not sure about Mom. Have been told a couple of different names, Nicoletta Aratta & Carlotta ?.If you have any info that could help me. I would really appreciate it. My husband & I are planning to go to Cigana to visit.
    Debbie Mache

    • Katey Bacigalupi
      October 7, 2014

      Hi Debbie,

      Thank you so much for your comment and visiting our website. It is so nice to meet another relative! Unfortunately my family history is a bit rusty but I will ask my Grandma Helen for some additional genealogy information on Natale. That is wonderful you are planning a trip to Cigana. My family visited there over 10 years ago, I would love to go back again someday. If you ever find yourself in Healdsburg please stop by the tasting room and say hello, I would love to meet you!

  5. Bill Jenkins
    November 19, 2015

    I do not know if we are related, My Great Grandfather Pellegrino Bacigalupi also from the Genoa region migrated to this country in 1894, with his wife and family settling in New Orleans, Louisiana.
    Please let me know if there is any connection,

    • Katey Bacigalupi
      December 3, 2015

      Hi Bill,
      Thank you for reaching out! My great, great grandfather Natale Bacigalupi’s family came around that same time from Genoa and went around the horn, settling in San Francisco. His wife was Virginia and Natale’s son Albert opened up a market in Santa Rosa called Bacigalupi marker which he ran for may years. I will need to research Natale’s extended family to see if he has any brothers or sisters, then we would know if there is a relation!

    • Wendy Haas
      March 6, 2017

      Hi Bill Jenkins – Pellegrino is my great great grandfather, Theresa (Bacigalupi) Jenkins my great grandmother. I always thought we were related to the CA Baci’s as I thought Louisa (Cervini) Bacigalupi went to CA after Pellegrino died. Maybe not!

  6. Debbie Bacigalupi Mache
    September 27, 2016

    I have been trying to locate a picture of the Bacigalupi Market. Natale was my great grandfather. If you have one, I was wondering if you could possibly scan it and send it to me at the above email address. I would really appreciate it.
    Last year I inquired If you knew if Natale had any sisters, in my research I found he had three sisters. Rose wife of William Castinagnetta, Mare, wife of Paul DeMartini, and Amelia, wife of Paul Bertoli.
    I also found that Natale’s mother was Nicoletta Arata.

    thank you for your time and help.

  7. Melissa Cuneo
    January 30, 2017

    My grandmother was Onorina Bacigalupi who married Gaetano Cuneo in San Francisco in early 1900s. Both from Genoa..

  8. George Bravante
    February 3, 2017

    My Great Great Grandmother was Cecelia Bacigalupo from Cicagna. She migrated to New York in the 1850s. We have winery in Napa valley, Bravante Vineyards on Howell Mountain.


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